Relationship over product

May 25, 2023 Joshua Wold and Lance Robbins Episode 8
Relationship over product
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Two friends talking about their work in tech, and how it impacts all of us.
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This is our 10th episode, and it's been a lot of fun so far! Our topics this week:

  • Upcoming trip to Cloudfest USA
  • Running in Austin.
  • Stability vs possibility with fractional work
  • The state of freelancing in 2023
  • Selling when you don't need the sales
  • Remote isn't the problem, Elon Musk's moral failure
  • Feedback from a listener on forging friendships in business


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Lance doesn't meditate
Telling a story mattters
Freelancing in 2023
When you have it you can sell it
Remote work is a moral failure
Building friendships in work